The Half Bat: Your Guide to Perfect Contact

The baseball world is full of training products that overcharge & underdeliver & growing up I tried them all. Nothing ever seemed to be exactly what I was looking for - a training aid that would guarantee consistent results. So I went out and found my own. Introducing the Half Bat.

What Sets Us Apart?

The Half Bat is not your average training bat. It's engineered with a patented flat barrel design that brings a new dimension to each hitting session. Unlike conventional baseball bats, the Half Bat gives you real-time feedback on the quality of your contact with the ball. With its unique shape, you'll be able to FEEL the difference between good and bad contact like never before.

Instant Feedback for Consistent Swings

One of the most significant challenges in hitting is trying to self-coach the perfect bat path. We can spend hours a week in the cage and be totally unaware of bad habits we might be forming. The Half Bat's flat barrel eliminates this guesswork by providing instant feedback to the athlete.Β 

No more wondering whether you're upper cutting or chopping down at the ball – the Half Bat will clearly show you the angle of your contact, allowing YOU to make real time adjustments to your mechanics.Β 

So Why Choose Half Bat?

    1. Self-Coaching: Stop spending $1,000s on Hitting Coaches - learn to become your own.
    2. Flush Contact: Eliminate the guesswork - the Half Bat will show you the success of your swing.Β 
    3. Quality: The Half Bat is trusted & used by hundreds of Pro + D1 Hitters. Why? Because it gets results.

It’s time to start training smarter. Welcome to the Half Bat Family!

-Trey Hannam