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Half Bat

Bat Path + Bat Speed Bundle

Bat Path + Bat Speed Bundle

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Weighted Knob
Half Bat

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"My 13u son gained 4mph of bat speed via Blast Motion in the same session. learned how to swing connected instead of drop hands! MUST HAVE"


The Bat Path + Bat Speed Bundle is a complete hitting development system.

The Half Bat Trainer will give you instant feedback on your bat path and help you square more balls up. The training bat can only be used with foam or tennis balls, no real baseballs. It is perfect for tee work, front toss, or machine batting practice with foam balls. An added benefit is the bat is lighter than a regular bat, so it's an underload for the hitter. This is a proven method to increase bat speed.

The Gamer Bat Speed Trainer. A patented weighted knob training bat proven to increase bat speed. 

Included: Half Bat Weekly Training Program 

This Half Bat Program gives your hitter step by step instructions on how to increase their bat to ball consistency. Most players see immediate improvements in consistency in the first week.

Included: 12 Week Bat Speed Training Program 

This 12-Week Speed Training Program gives your hitter step by step instructions on how to increase his bat speed over the next 12 weeks. Most players see noticeable improvements in exit velocity within the first week of this program.

Included: Weekly Medicine Ball Training Program

This weekly program helps your hitter understand what and how much it takes to build their body up like the best hitters in the game. Reaction, explosion and power are all trained in this program, with videos.

We advise light training balls for the Half Bat: Tennis, whiffle, foam balls while training. NO Hard balls or leather covered foam balls (a little too stiff at impact)

Your programs will be automatically emailed in your confirmation email with video access.

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