Knob Loaded - 'Balance Bat' Half Bat -

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- These ship out immediately via FedEx! 

Knob loaded half bat, feel that barrel whip like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa. Science proves the faster you accelerate one end, the faster the opposite end whips. 


- Adult size, 33 inches, 32 ounces with knob added.

- Youth size, 30 inches, 27 ounces with knob added. 


Focusing on palm up, palm down contact points. Spin the ball at contact by an inefficient bat path or smash it from behind the ball to hit it flush! Immediate feedback. 


- NO HARD BALLS. Foam balls, whiffles, tennis balls. Can be hit with batting practice, machine, tee work, etc. Jugs lite flights are highly recommended for user feedback!