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"Half bat has changed my career, man"
- Will help your hitters who are slicing, cutting, or not hitting the ball flush

  • Program will be automatically E-Mailed to you with video access
  • Adds simplicity, game bat feeling in hands, square up bat path with ball path. Immediate feedback if chopped or upper cut
  • We pride ourself on high quality. The half bat product is very well structured and stained
  • Having trouble slicing or cutting balls and not hitting them flush? This is what it’s designed for. If you chop down at ball.. The balls will spin and not fly. Square it up for immediate feedback
  • Main focus with many hitters is hand & bat path. Half bats allowing ball flight instant feedback, plus coaches eyes and Blast Motion to aid a good swing path for constant flush contact. 
  • We advise light training balls: Tennis, whiffle, foam balls while training - NO Hard balls