Bat Path + Bat Speed Bundle, Two Training Programs Included!

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  • The Bat Path + Bat Speed Bundle is a complete hitting development system. Included is a Bat Speed Program to improve bat speed, a Bat Path Program to refine and optimize your bat path, plus two bonus programs: a Half Bat Program and a Medicine Ball Program. Improve your hitting and dominate the plate with this system. 
  • For baseball players, having fast hands and bat speed is critical for success at the plate. Fast hands allow players to quickly and effectively adjust to the pitch, while bat speed generates power and makes it easier to hit the ball harder and farther.

    Fast hands are essential for hitting off-speed pitches, as well as for making contact with pitches on the outer part of the plate. With fast hands, players can react quickly and make necessary adjustments to hit the ball where they want it. This can be the difference between a weak pop-up and a solid line drive.

    In addition to fast hands, bat speed is also crucial for success at the plate. The faster the bat is traveling at the point of contact, the more power and distance the ball is likely to travel. Bat speed is generated by a combination of strength, technique, and timing. Players who have good bat speed can hit the ball harder and farther, increasing their chances of getting extra-base hits and home runs.

    Improving hand speed and bat speed can be achieved through a variety of training techniques. Batting practice, including tee work, soft toss, and live pitching, can help players improve their timing and technique. Strength and conditioning exercises, such as medicine ball throws and plyometric drills, can also help improve hand speed and bat speed

  • We advise light training balls for the Half Bat: Tennis, whiffle, foam balls while training - NO Hard balls
  • Program will be automatically e-mailed to you with video access