Training with Trey

  • Whats up, I keep my info as straight forward as it gets on Twitter & Instagram. That's how I like to be taught and communicated with, no fluff or big words.
  • So.. let's talk.
  • Together, get your hitter(s) to the next level with a personalized development plan designed by myself. After we connect about what you've been working on, self diagnosis problems of what you think is going on so I can fully understand what you see then we compare videos to the best in the game with the same style. You'll receive a development plan for the next couple weeks, an analysis of myself talking over a video explaining what I see going on; The good and the next adjustments I see.
  • Many tell you whats wrong, but never send you the guidence of a plan to get better or something to put your mind to in the near future to take the level. That's all I'm about. Simple communication for you, complex ideas broken down for you to understand without guessing. Let's hit. 
  • Email me - and we'll talk about what we can do for you. 100% personalized