How To Use A Training Bat

  • Equipment & Set-up 
    • The Half Bat is designed to hit foam, wiffle, or tennis balls. Not Real Baseballs.
    • We recommend using a tee, front toss, or coach toss w/ the bat.
    • Be careful of using machines on high velocity as the barrel is thin and can break at high speeds &/or hard baseballs. 
  • Focus & Intent
    • The goal of the Half Bat is to train proper bat bath mechanics. 
    • We do so by taking normal swings or ¾ swings emphasizing staying through the ball with flush contact for as long as we can. 
    • This will simulate consistently hitting the “sweet spot” of a real baseball bat. 
  • Feedback & Adjustments
    • In real time you will be able to see the efficiency of your bat path so you can improve your swing rep to rep.
    • The unique barrel design exaggerates anything less than perfectly flush contact.
    • Upper cutting or chopping down will cause you to feel vibrations in your hands & often cause the ball to spin noticeably off your barrel.

The Half Bat visually and physically shows you the difference between a good and bad swing. Unlike conventional bats, the flat barrel lets you FEEL if you don’t square the ball up perfectly - allowing you to make the necessary adjustments. Take the guesswork out of your practice and start training smarter. 

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